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English Creek Academy Main Campus



Our Preschool Curriculum

English Creek Academy has divided educational spaces for a more focused approach to Preschool education

  • The Village Room- is an indoor village for self-directed, dramatic play, and Social Studies. This two story structure encompasses various buildings such as a house, supermarket, post office, work shop, and a ball pit.
  • The Computer Lab- All children ages three and up will have computer experiences and instruction.
  • The Science Lab- an area for hands-on learning and curious minds. The curriculum focuses on a hands on approach to learning about science.
  • The Art Room- through a variety of mediums, children enjoy the process of art through creative expression of individual thoughts, feelings, and perception.
  • Outdoor Playground- a recreational area with safe and developmentally appropriate play equipment for development of gross motor skills and social interaction.
  • Language- introduces pre-reading and pre-writing skills through a whole language approach that encourages development of verbal communication skills and excites children about the ability to communicate in other ways.  
  • Library- where children are introduced to the wonders of reading with age appropriate books.
  • Math- concepts are introduced through concrete hands-on, manipulative exercises which are later associated with numerical symbols


 Computer Lab and Library






The English Creek Academy Computer Lab is a focal point for academic learning and exploration. Computer play is vital for cognitive and social development. Children three years and older are introduced to age appropriate software programs. These programs promote musical discrimination, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, logic and problem solving. They develop a sense of personal achievement, increase motivation to learn, increase attention span, improve memory skills and acquire decision making skills. Our New IPAD 2 tm interactive computer software teaches children reading, math and basic computer skills literacy at a young age. Our software also introduces them to the high tech world that will become an intricate part of their lives. 

Our Library provides an array of books to stimulate a child's imagination. Teachers read stories or books that are related to the daily curriculum. Often, our students read to the teachers too!


 "It's a Fun Day at English Creek Academy"