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The demand for full-day Kindergarten has increased over the last few years.

In response to this demand, we offer full-day Kindergarten classes at English Creek Academy.

We take great pride in offering smaller class sizes in an environment designed for learning.

The kindergarten curriculum meets and exceeds school district standards and our teachers have their certification in Elementary Education .


Our Kindergarten Curriculum Includes:

  • Scott Forseman Reading Street, Common Core Series
  • Writing: Journal writing, writing letters and stories.
  • McGraw-Hill, Math Connects Program
  • Spelling
  • Differentiated Guided Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Integrated Technology through the use of Ipads and Apple TV.
  • Small group instruction in the form of “ Interactive Learning Centers”

Open communication is always available at drop off and pick up times. We also communicate through the classroom Dojo App. 

Students are evaluated three times per school year.



KinderShare Program

Egg Harbor Slaybagh School Transportation

Picks up and Drops off our students

KinderShare is a academically based, supplemental program for children who attend the half-day morning kindergarten session at the Egg Harbor Township Slaybaugh School.

  • We offer quality curriculum in a nurturing environment to ease the minds of working parents. Students will receive an educationally enriched program focused on assisting and reinforcing homework, reading, writing, and math skills. In addition, physical activities, science, social studies, and technology will be integrated into the day. This program will compliment their half-day at Slaybaugh and also supports the New Jersey State Standards for Kindergarten.
  • EHT Bus will pick up and drop off
  • Care is offered from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Nutritional snacks included
  • Lunch Program available




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